November 25, 2012

Stoplight Behavior Chart

Meet the newest addition to our classroom:
Our Stoplight Behavior Chart!
The children were introduced to this behavior chart last week, and are responding well to it.  The meaning of the colors is similar to that of a real stoplight:
Green = Go; ready to learn
Yellow = Slow down; think about it; warning
Red = Stop; time out
Each morning, the kids start with their clip on Green.  (Each clip has a child's name on it, but for safety purposes, I turned the clips over, so that no names would show in the picture.)  If a child breaks a classroom rule (example: running in the classroom), we will give them a warning.  If the behavior persists, we will ask the child to move their clip up to yellow, and think about how they can change their behavior (example: walk, instead of run).  If the child still chooses to run after thinking about it, they will be asked to move their clip up to red, and sit in time out.
At the end of each day, your child will place a green, yellow or red dot on his/her behavior chart.  When your child has collected 10 green dots, he/she will earn a prize from the treasure box.  This will hopefully encourage the kids to have good behavior and to follow the 3 classroom rules.
Classroom Rules
  1. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  2. Use walking feet.
  3. Inside voices.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Behavior charts are a new concept for us, and there will be some trial and error.  Our main goal is to help the children learn to follow rules, while also being able to have fun and enjoy their time in preschool.  Please talk with your child before school about keeping hands/feet to oneself, as well as using walking feet and inside voices.  Ask your child after school what color their clip landed on, and why (if it was yellow or red).
Thank you for your help in getting your kiddo ready for the world of "big school"!

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