July 8, 2014

VBS Crafts: Clay Necklaces

Hello Friends!
Yesterday, the kids and I started a Wilderness Escape VBS program, and it was awesome!  I love watching my own children, as well as all the others, light up with joy as they listen to stories, sing songs and create crafts, all in praise of Jesus. 
Speaking of crafts, I am happy to be leading the Craft Room again this year!  Our first day's project was to create clay necklaces.  Considering how difficult it was for the kids to flatten out the clay, I was very happy with the creations they came up with!
Here is a heart with a cross, a star and an owl:
Aren't they cute?!
We talked about how the kids were molding and forming the clay into what they wanted it to be...just like how God is molding us into the kind of people he wants us to be.  When we go to church, VBS, pray and read the Bible (just for a few examples), God is molding us by placing his word on our hearts and in our minds.  One sweet girl said, "I totally get that!"  I think she pretty much made my day!!
 Supplies for Clay Necklaces
  • clay (any color; also consider using play dough for children younger than 3rd grade)
  • rolling pin
  • heart, star or other shaped cookie cutters
  • pony beads (assorted colors)
  • ribbon or twine
  • scissors
  • straw (to punch hole for ribbon)
  1. Warm clay or play dough in hands, then start molding and flattening it.  Use a rolling pin if you'd like.
  2. Decide what shape you want your necklace to be and either form it or cut it out using a shaped cookie cutter.
  3. Punch a hole toward the top of your necklace using the straw.  Be careful not to punch the hole too close to the edge.
  4. Add a splash of color, pretty pattern or a cool design with the pony beads.
  5. Allow to dry.  If using clay, check the package for the specific amount of time.  Play dough may take several days to fully dry out.
  6. When dry, add a length of ribbon or twine, and wear with pride!
See ya next time!


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