September 26, 2012

Sensory Tables

Sensory tubs and tables play a big part in our preschool program.  They are often filled with sand, water, beans, corn, and occasionally water.  The children LOVE visiting these tables, and yes, they make a mess each time. 
But...that's exactly what they're supposed to do!
Each sensory table has several items for exploration - cups, pitchers, scoops, spoons, etc.  Currently, our bean table even has small apples, since we have been working on our apple unit.  Sensory tables are so important and have many benefits - learning to scoop, pour, sort and count, imaginitve play (we are often served steaming, hot bowls of homemade corn soup!), discovering different textures, and creative storytelling, just to name a few. 
You may have heard your kiddo talk about going over to the Block Room, where the children have the option of playing at the Bean Table...
or the Corn Table...
Both of these tables are very popular spots!
In our classroom, we have the sand table open at least once per week.  We will be exploring many other textures, smells and sounds throughout the school year. 
Coming soon...the oatmeal tub!  Stay tuned!
(For more information on the benefits of sensory tubs, as well as some pretty amazing sensory ideas to try at home, check out Counting Coconuts and Earlychildhood News.)


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