April 9, 2013

Bunnies and Carrots

We had a great time learning about bunnies on Monday!  In Circle, we read a Scholastic reader called Hello, Bunny!, in which we learned that a baby bunny is called a kitten.  Who knew?!
Our centers included:
- art: listening/following directions bunny & carrot activity
- writing names on chalk clipboards
- bunny games: mini bowling, barrel of bunnies, real-life bunny picture puzzle
At the math center, the kids were given bunny picks (used for cupcakes, found at Wal-Mart).  They were asked to put the bunnies in the playdough grass in order, 1-12.

We also introduced new sensory tubs with cloud dough.  Have you heard of this?  It's really cool, and very easy to make!  I found the recipe at Inner Child Fun, and there are a bunch of other ones out there.  This stuff is super soft and it just feels nice to squish it in your hands!
At the end of class, we read:
This is the first in a series of three books by Mo Willems, and it is great!  Not only is it a cute story, but the pictures and art are very cool - drawings are integrated with real-life photos.  If you have a chance, check this series out at the library!
Tomorrow, the kids will be introduced to another new sensory bin in the block room - the butterfly garden.
This tub includes:
- birdseed as its base
- mini purple daisies (artificial)
- pink and yellow butterflies
- artificial leaves
- two plastic potted flowers
- wooden spoons and plastic bowls
I can't wait for them to try this out!  I think they're going to like it.  It was hard enough for me to keep my own hands out of it!  See you tomorrow!


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