April 14, 2013

Jelly Beans

Friday's class was all about jelly beans!
We started the day in Circle by reading:
This old lady has swallowed some crazy things this year...including a whole turkey at Thanksgiving!  The kids love this series of books, and there seems to be one for every holiday of the year.
We graphed a small cup of jelly beans at the math center, and talked about "least" and "most".  The children also counted the total amount of jelly beans, then of course, got to munch on them!

We also played a jelly bean roll and cover game.  The kids rolled a die, then used a jelly bean to cover the same number on their board.  This template, as well as the graph, were found at Oopsey Daisy.
Our other centers included:
- a listen & do activity: color the jelly beans
- playdough / dot markers at the easel
- housekeeping / jelly bean puzzle
- train & big blocks
I have been anxious to show the children our new butterfly garden sensory tub, but up until Friday, we hadn't had time.  They were so excited!  When I showed it to them, I heard lots of "oooh" and "wow".  Score!  I love it when they are so interested in something, and they just can't wait to play with it.  We only had a few minutes per pair of kids to play, but we will definitely have more play time this week!
We will complete our letter Xx study on Monday, and we will also begin letter Yy.  Can you believe we're at the end of the alphabet and the school year?!  Pre-K graduation will be here before we know it!


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