April 28, 2013

Spring Weather: Rainy

The last couple of weeks have been a little different in our class, because we've had assessments and parent-teacher conferences.  As we wrap those up this week, things will get back to normal.  Last Friday, we continued learning about spring weather with the topic of rain.  We've certainly had our fair share of that lately!
We read the books:
Notice on the book Rain by Robert Kalan, he actually uses the word rain over and over to illustrate rain falling down.  This technique is used throughout the book.  It's a pretty awesome way to illustrate and provide reinforced literacy!
We took a survey and found that all but one of our students likes rain.  I definitely thought it would go the other way!  Using a picture graph like this helps the children to visualize the number of kids who do like rain versus those who don't.

Our art project was a simple umbrella made of 1/2 cupcake liner and a J-shaped pipe cleaner.  (We've also used bendy straws for the umbrella handle.)  The kids glued cotton clouds to the top of their paper, and sprinkled on raindrops with blue markers.
For math, the children were given number cards 1-10, and they worked together in pairs to place the numbers in the correct order.  After completing 1-10, some groups moved on to 11-20, and one pair even made it to 21-30!
At the end of class, we had a fabulous parent reader come in, and she read:
Mud went perfectly with our rain theme, because most kids love to play in the mud after it rains!
Other activities of the day included:
- writing center: tracing and coloring clouds and rain, as well as writing practice on the white boards
- playdough and easel
- housekeeping and puzzles
- block center
- letter Yy review


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