April 16, 2013

Spring Weather: Windy

Spring brings lots of different types of weather, and we will be studying about three kinds this week.  Monday was all about the wind.  In Circle, we read:
We talked about the way the illustrator showed things blowing in the wind in his pictures.
In Centers, we:
- started assessments for Spring conferences
- completed our letter Xx activity
- practiced tracing and writing our name
- dramatic play in housekeeping
- drove cars on playmat and built with blocks
We also did a fun and quick science experiment with the kids.  We made a chart with 6 different objects, then asked the kids to predict whether the wind (a fan) would blow the objects off the table.  If you look at the predictions and the results, you'll see that they got most of them right.  Our brilliant little scientists are sooooo smart!
Tomorrow we will study all about clouds, and Friday's class will be about rain.  See ya!


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