March 20, 2013

My Many Colored Days & Color Review

How do you feel today? 
We had a great day in preschool on Monday, and we read about how feelings are associated with colors in the Dr. Seuss book:
My Many Colored Days
"On bright red days
how good it feels
to be a horse
and kick my heels!"
As we read through this book, we reviewed our colors, and talked about feelings as well.  It made me so happy that each child felt "fine", "good" or "happy"!  They used positive and descriptive words to express their feelings, and then assigned them a color.  I suspect most of them chose their favorite color to correspond with their happiness, which makes perfect sense.  Thinking of and seeing my favorite color makes me happy too!
At our science center, we matched color words to their dots...
and mixed primary paint colors to get the secondary colors.  I didn't use the "primary" and "secondary" terminology with the kids, because they are just learning that they can mix certain colors to achieve a completely different color.  It's pretty amazing to them!
At the end of class, we went over to the block room to read:

Mouse Paint
Again, we reviewed colors and which primary colors are used to mix secondary colors.  Most of the kids have a pretty good knowledge base of their colors. It's always fun to have a review day though! We reviewed the rainbow colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and other colors - brown, black, gray, pink and white.
Here are some other websites you can visit for games and activities:


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