March 7, 2013

Tt is for Toothpicks

Last week, we worked on the letter Tt.  Actually, we were supposed to have finished it the week before, but since we were out of school two of three days, I thought we could use a little more time with Tt.
Our activitiy made use of some colorful toothpicks and a pattern of Tt.

The children traced Tt, then got a little fine motor work in by placing toothpicks along the lines of Tt.  For the lowercase, they had to carefully balance the toothpick going crosswise.
We also sounded out /t/, and named several words with Tt at the beginning.  We quickly figured out that two of our classmates' names begin with T!

Ask your kiddo to name some Tt words for you, as well as to practice writing some with markers, crayons, sidewalk chalk, etc.  This is one of the easier letters to form, since it is made up of straight lines only.

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Have a terrific time teaching your tot!


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