March 20, 2013

Vv is for Valentines

We completed our letter of the week activity for Vv on Monday.  The children used valentines to form a letter V.
It's hard to tell from the picture,  but the Vv on the green cardstock is actually made of pipe cleaners.  The kids traced the letter Vv with their fingers, getting a good "feel" of how this letter looks and is formed.
For each letter we study, we always ask the kiddos to show us Vv in sign language, as well as to make the /v/ sound.  They are also usually able to give us a word or two that begins with Vv.  We talked about words like:
violin, valentines, vulture and vanilla.
Again, this is a tough letter in terms of a preschooler's vocabulary.  Try to think of a few more words with the beginning /v/ sound, show your child a picture, or vividly describe what the word is.  This activity will definitely increase your child's vocabulary!
For more fun activities with the letter Vv, check out:
Have a very fun time practicing the letter Vv! 


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