March 21, 2013

Welcome, Spring!

Well...sort of!  A year ago, we were experiencing 80 degree weather, but not so much on the first day of Spring this year.  I think the high was something like 30 yesterday, and the wind made it feel even colder.
Even so, we still celebrated the first day of Spring in our class.  We read the books:
At the math center, we played a Spring roll and cover game from Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten.  This game reinforces number recognition 1-12.
At the literacy center, we played a Bunny and Egg Alphabet Match file folder game.  The kids worked with a partner and, one at a time, reached into the box and pulled out a lowercase letter.  They had to match the lowercase to its uppercase partner on the board.  This was challenging!

The kids also worked on the Spring Showers pages of this seek and find book:
Here is the Spring portion.  I'd take rain over cold temps any day!
Come on, warm weather!!


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