March 11, 2013

Uu is for Upside Down!

I think that the more memorable you can make an experience for a child, the more likely they'll be to actually learn from it.  With that in mind, we wrapped up our study of the letter Uu by writing upside down!
I had the kids lay on their tummies on the small table in our housekeeping area (one at a time, of course).  I put a sheet of paper on the floor and handed them a marker.  While I held onto them, they wrote a couple of Uu's!
Uu is a hard letter for young children, not only because it's a vowel that makes two sounds, but also because their vocabularies may not include too many words with the /u/ sound.  You can help to expand your child's vocabulary by talking about words and showing pictures of things like a ukulele, umpire, Utah or even a unibrow!
We also practiced the American Sign Language sign for Uu, as well as learned the short and long /u/ sounds.  Ask your child if he/she can show you how to skywrite Uu!
For more fun Uu activities, check out:


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