November 30, 2012

December Sensory Tubs

Last week, we introduced the kids to the December sensory bins, and so far, they love them.  We have two tubs, meant for individual use, but sometimes extra little hands just can't resist!  The children are very good at sharing with their classmates.  :)

In each December sensory tub, we've added a base of red and green peppermint rice.  I found this idea at Growing a Jeweled Rose.  The rice is "flavored" with peppermint extract, and I only use food coloring and water to change its color.  So, if we have any hungry kiddos who want a sample, it's completely safe!

Included in both tubs are the following:
  • red snowman cup and white spoon for scooping and pouring
  • pinecone
  • bow
  • foam angel cutout
  • plastic hollyberries on a stick
  • bells
  • gold and silver stars
In the top bin, you will notice a small nutcracker.  Sadly, he was dropped and beheaded, and is awaiting repair at Santa's Preschool Workshop.  He will be back next week, good as new!

Sensory tubs are very easy to put together at home.  This one (below), I put together for my daughter (5) and my son (7), who both still love to do sensory activities.  I found all of the items around the house and mixed in with our Christmas decorations.


My kids' sensory tub includes:
  • small red mitten with red/white and green/white beaded candy canes
  • white pitcher for pouring and a red spoon for scooping
  • wooden teddy bear
  • red wooden tree shape
  • small snowman box with tiny gold instruments inside
  • bell bracelet
  • red and green straws
My kids wanted peppermint candy cane rice, so I dyed half red and left the other half plain white.  Personally, I think the red/green combination is much more vibrant, but I aim to please!
Please comment and post pictures if you try a sensory tub at home.  I'd love to see it!


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