November 12, 2012

November Sensory Tubs

Today, the children will be introduced to the November sensory tubs.  Yes, November is half over, and I have been slooooooow at collecting things to put in this month's tubs.  It was kind of hard to come up with ideas for this one!
But nonetheless, here it is.  Ta da!
Our November sensory includes:
  • yellow-dyed rice (which will very quickly be mixed with the underlying orange rice!)
  • plastic mini red gourds
  • tea cups and orange spoon/scoop
  • real mini pumpkin and white gourd
  • Pilgrim and Native American stand-ups
  • Mayflower stand-up (not pictured)
I hope the kiddos enjoy these bins!
I'm sure they will, because they always ask to play in them.  We end up with lots of rice on the floor, but they are doing such a great job scooping and pouring!
I love activities like this that the kids and I both get excited about, and that provide sensory stimulation, as well as fine-motor muscle development.
Yay for sensory tubs!


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