November 15, 2012

Ii is for Ice

Last week + Monday, we studied the letter Ii.  This letter is tricky for kids in terms of words beginning with long /i/ and short /i/.  There just aren't that many of them in their vocabularies yet!
One that they definitely know, however, is ice.  First, the kids traced Ii with their pointer finger.  Then they put on a glove, grabbed a piece of ice, and traced Ii again.
They learned the sign for Ii (pinkie finger straight up, all others down).  We also learned a little chant:
Ii says (short) i, i, igloo
Ii says (long) i, i, ice cream
The chant helps them remember which sound goes with which words.  The English language can be tough for kids!
Next up - Jj.  This one should be easier, since it only makes one sound, and starts a word that most preschoolers love to do - jump!


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