November 4, 2012

Fall Festival and My Marvelous Mustache

I bet you're wondering where our posts have been, right?  Well, things have gone from slow and steady to run as fast as you can in our classroom!  (And for me, outside the classroom as well.)  I think it's just that time of year, with holidays approaching, that life tends to speed up.  So, I'm going to try my best to get you all caught up (minus two weeks ago), and stay up to date on our classroom happenings. 
Last week, we had a ball at our Fall Festival party.  We broke up into two groups to enjoy even more fun and games.  In the block room, the kids played the pumpkin crawl, pumpkin bowling, and jack-o-lantern toss.  In the classroom, they fished for Frankenstein, stamped faces on pumpkins, played in the rice sensory tubs and made googly eye necklaces. 
We read:
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of AnythingHappy Halloween, Curious GeorgeHAPPY HALLOWEEN, CURIOUS GEORGE by Raymond, N. T. (Author) on Sep-22-2008 Board Books
For snack, we had orange drink, a pumpkin cookie or bat brownie, and...
Air-Popped Popcorn!
 The kids were amazed, and kept asking us to make more popcorn!  They even jumped up and down to help the popcorn pop.  Total cuteness! 
Here are the not-so-scary googly eye necklaces we made.  This craft was based on an idea I saw from Make and Takes.  Check it out - she has lots of other fun and super silly googly eye jewelry that you can make with your kids!

The highlight of our week, however, was our Wednesday theme - My Marvelous Mustache.  Oh yes, we had great fun with this one!  This was probably the goofiest, most fun lesson we've taught yet!
We read the book Moosekitos, about a moose family reunion that is invaded by mosquitos.  Moose's mustache and glue saved the day!
Moosekitos : A Moose Family Reunion
The kids played for quite awhile with mustaches-on-a-stick, and they also liked the Mustache Match.

Then, of course, we all had to try the stick-on mustaches.  What a riot!
Honestly, I don't know how guys do it.  That mustache just about made me sneeze, it was so itchy!
This was a roll on the floor, laugh til you cry kind of day.  The best, for sure!


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