November 4, 2012

Gg is for Green Glowstick

I made some green-tinted salt, and got a green glowstick wand for our letter Gg activity.
The kids used the glowstick like a pencil to form Gg in the salt.  They loved it!  They did a very good job writing Gg as well.  Usually the straight, stick letters are the easiest for them to form at this point, but most kids are getting the hang of the curvy letters too. Great!
During this individual activity, I asked the children to make the Gg sounds - hard /g/, like goat, and soft /g/, like giraffe.  I think it is equally important for them to learn hard and soft consonant sounds, just as it is to learn short and long vowel sounds.  The more their brains are exposed to these different sounds, the easier it will be for them to start reading!
We also learned the sign for Gg, and talked about lots of Gg words.  Ask your kiddo to name a few, and even find some around the house.
Groovy! :)


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