November 15, 2012

Indian Corn

On Wednesday, pre-k learned about Indian corn.  This is not normally the kind of corn we eat.  We see it around Thanksgiving, and it makes a nice decoration because of its many colors.
We crafted our own Indian corn using a corn pattern, dot markers and a paper bag.  I decided to cut out the corn and husk shapes, so that the kids could focus on where to place the different colors.  I love how each child used the same 4 colors (red, blue, purple, brown), yet each one created a completely unique ear of corn!
We read the books:
The Story of ThanksgivingThank You, Thanksgiving
We also created patterns with the geoblocks again, and the children have been busily baking Thankgiving playdough cookies and cupcakes.  :)
For math, we played a game called Turkey Tracks.  The kids worked in pairs and were given a turkey mat with numbers 1-10.  They rolled the die, then covered that same number on their mat...with candy corn!  Yes, we used candy corn as our markers, and then the children got to eat some as a treat for a job well done.  I normally don't like to give candy as a reward, but we're in the midst of the holiday season.  So let's step outside of the preschool box and have a little fun!
See you for our next lesson...pumpkin pie!  :)


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