November 14, 2012

Turkeys: Gobble Gobble!

It's almost Turkey Time!
On Monday, we continued our Thanksgiving study with stories, actvities and a craft about turkeys.
  The kids made gobble-tastic turkeys by coloring the beak orange and wattle red on a turkey pattern.  Then I painted 4 of their fingers - red, blue, green and purple, and we stamped them in an arc shape on their paper.  They glued the turkey body on, and added 2 legs.  Aren't they the cutest?!

We read the books:
This Is the TurkeyWhat Is Thanksgiving? (Lifft-The-Flap Story)
and we talked about all the food that we eat on Thanksgiving Day.  Many people (me included) end up napping after we've gotten so full!
For literacy, we wrapped up our study of Ii, and that will be covered on the next post.
In writing, the kids traced a turkey.  They could use one or more colors, and I'm happy with the progress they're making!  Tracing activities help to strengthen the fine motor muscles used in writing.  We mostly use markers for tracing, because they are chunkier than pencils and easier to grip for preschoolers. 
For math, the kids used patterns and geoblocks to make corn and turkeys.  (Sorry I didn't get a picture!)  They did a great job of placing the different shapes where they were supposed to go, and one boy even made his own pattern - a Transformer!  Now that's thinking outside the box!
In music and movement, we learned a new song - The Turkey Pokey!  The tune is to Hokey Pokey, and we use wings, beaks, turkey toes and tail feathers.  Ask your kiddo to sing it for you. 
Gobble Gobble!


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