February 6, 2013

100th Day Celebration!

We had so much fun in preschool today!  Duing Circle, we looked at what 100 can look like in terms of size.  We discovered that 100 pieces of cereal is relatively small compared to 100 school buses lined up down the street!
We read:
Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten (Miss Bindergarten Books)The 100th Day of School  (Hello Reader!, Level 2)
At the math center, we compared the weights of two snacks at a time using our balance.  Most of the time the kids could visually tell which snack would be heavier, but a couple times they were surprised by the scale!
We asked the children to think of something they'd like to eat 100 of - anything at all - and they came up with great answers!  (And another child actually did bring in 100 grapes for her snack.  Mmm!)  They also drew a picture of the food they chose.  They are becoming amazing little artists!

Our most anticipated activity was the 100th day cape.  They loved this!  Many thanks to Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business for sharing this "super" fun idea!  We added a label in the middle that says "This super kid can count to 100!", and they added 100 mini stickers all over their cape.  We tied it loosely to close it up, so all they have to do is slip it over their head to put it on or take it off.    

Other 100th day activities included:
  • counting our bananas - We now have 100 and will practice counting them in various ways each school day (by 1's, 10's, chunking some together, etc)
  • building with 100 tongue depressors + playdough = lots of awesome creations!  The kids created hand weights, sandwiches and lollipops, just to name a few.  :)
  • coloring our 100th day bags and exploring what 100 crayons looks like.  Did your child like the 100 treat that was in his/her bag?  (They thought it was going to be candy, but it wasn't!  Or wait, does sugary cereal count as candy?!)
  • eating our 100 snacks at snacktime.
  • 100 exercises - 10 sets of 10, including knee bends, leg kicks, squats, etc.  We got a workout in!
  • I didn't have time to teach the "100 Days" song today, but we will for sure get to that on Monday.  Using this song, the kids will learn how to count by 10's.  Turns out to be easy peasy for them once it's set to music!
Before we got started with our 100 activities, we played in the Block Room, and discovered that we got some new building materials - brick blocks!  These are so colorful, sturdy and well-designed (a Melissa &  Doug creation), and the children went straight to work building structures with them.  Thanks so much to the generous parents who donated these super cool blocks to us!
Happy 100th Day of School!


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