February 4, 2013

Pp is for Penguins

I really like to avoid worksheets as much as possible when it comes to working on letters.  I know sometimes I can't get around it, but for the most part, it's easy enough to find some way to incorporate a sensory idea.
I tried to think of something different to do for the letter Pp, and then came across an idea at Kindergarten Monkey Business.  It's called "Pokey Pins" and you use a push pin to poke holes into a paper.  We placed a carpet square underneath so that the pins had something to run into, rather than the table.
This is a pretty new concept for me, and I think you're supposed to poke the pin all along the Pp, then on the border surrounding the penguin.  What we did after the Pp was to poke holes on the penguin.  I thought that made it more meaningful to the kids.  Several times, we talked about how Pp begins the words penguin, push pin, and poke.
I also asked the children to say the /p/ sound and name something beginning with Pp.  You might see your kid putting his/her hand up to her mouth, because we learned that even though Pp makes a quiet sound that you can't hear very well, you can still feel the air coming out of your mouth when you say it.
This was a great time of year for the letter Pp, since we just finished studying about polar bears and penguins!


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