February 23, 2013

Ss is for Salt

I know, at this point, that you know how much I love to do sensory activities with the kids.  I feel like using a sensory tool wakes up their senses, especially those of touch and smell, which ultimately makes the experience more meaningful to them.
We decided to use salt for our letter Ss activity.  The kids really got into this!  They loved how the salt felt and sounded "scratchy", and that you could shake the tray to "erase" when you were finished writing.
As the children practiced writing Ss, we talked about the /s/ sound and several words that begin with Ss.  We also put our hands together and made a slithering motion, like a snake.
Keep in mind that as we study a letter each week, we don't just do one activity at the end as a wrap-up.  We talk about the letter all week long, point it out in different places, find words that begin with the letter and so on.  The kiddos can practice the letter at home just as easily.  You don't need any special craft supplies to point out Ss in a book or magazine, or to find Ss on a Stop Sign!
For more letter Ss activities, please visit:
Hope you have a Super Saturday and a Spectacular Sunday!


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