February 4, 2013

Groundhog's Shadow

On Friday, we learned all about Groundhog Day, which takes place every February 2nd, rain, shine, sleet or snow!  The kids learned that if Phil the Groundhog sees his shadow, we're in for 6 more weeks of winter, but if he doesn't, then spring is right around the corner.
We read:
Groundhog Day (Hello Reader Level 1)
We made cute little pop-up groundhogs, which started with the children coloring their groundhog brown...
followed by coloring the cup brown and gluing on grass at the top.

Then they glued their groundhog onto a tongue depressor, and added a little groundhog poem to their cup.
We cut a little hole in the bottom of the cup, and added the groundhog.  The kids quickly learned how to move the groundhog up and down, so that he can hide in his burrow, but "pop up" anytime he wants!
We wrapped up by reading:
This is an adorable book, perfect for preschoolers!
Our other activities included:
  • playing a couple rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors while we waited for our friends.  One child came up with a different version - Fire, Earth, Wind.  Sometimes I can hardly believe the creativity these kids are capable of!
  • reviewing the letter Qq
  • practicing cutting on straight and wavy dotted lines
  • discovering our shadows on the wall with the help of a flashlight
  • predicting if the groundhog would or would not see his shadow
And I'm sure you heard on the news - Punxatawney Phil did NOT see his shadow.  Spring is right around the corner - hallelujah!
See you in the morning for more preschool adventures!


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