February 22, 2013

Let Me Introduce You to...George Washington

We had some presidential fun on Wednesday learning about our country's first president, George Washington.  I was happy to know that several of our kids already knew who he was when I pulled out our big poster.  Way to go, little history buffs!
During Circle, we talked about how important George Washington is to our country, pointed out Washington D.C. on our map, and showed Washington on the quarter and one-dollar bill.
In math, we used red, white and blue unifix blocks (I love these things!) to create a simple flag pattern.  We used a blank flag found at Coloring Castle, and the kids had to place blue blocks (with star stickers) on top of the stars, as well as connect lines of red and white blocks for the stripes.  This activity also reinforces colors and fine motor development.
For art, we made two projects.  The first was a George Washington mask, like this one:
I cut out the middle of a paper plate, and the kids glued cotton to the top to represent Washington's white hair (which we also learned was a wig!).  Then we talked about how the men wore ruffly shirts at that time, and we used doilies for that purpose.  I taped on a craft stick, and they held it up to their faces, so they could be President Washington!  (Of course I had to take their pictures, but for the privacy of our students and families, I will not be posting them here.  They did come out super cute though!)  I originally found this idea in The Mailbox magazine several years ago.
Our second project was a tri-corner hat, like Washington wore.  I decided that our hats would be red, because we needed some color, complete with patriotic stickers.  This craft was easy peasy!
Cut 3 strips of red (or blue or white) construction paper.  Ours were about 3.5" x 12".  Give your kids some flag, eagle, dollar bill or other patriotic stickers, and let them go to town!

Next, staple the ends of the strips, as shown, forming a triangle.
Finally, pop it on your kiddo's head, and sing!
My hat, it has 3 corners.
3 corners, has my hat.
And had it not 3 corners,
it would not be my hat!
We read a presidential emergent reader about George Washington from Kindergarten Smorgasboard, and looked at pictures from:
A Picture Book of George Washington (Picture Book Biography)

Since we had an ice day today (aka no school), we will study Abraham Lincoln on Monday.  Keep your fingers crossed for good weather!  Stay safe out there, and have a great weekend!


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