February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!
Yesterday, we continued our theme of all things love with more valentine fun.
The children played a challenging game of Match the Sweethearts, where they had to pair up a small heart and a big heart.  The trick was that they weren't matching colors - they were matching words.  They did a great job and paid very close attention to the spelling of each word.
At the same center, they played a similar game, except this time, the words appeared on valentine plates.  One child said, "This is making me hungry!"  I love the things they come up with!!
In Circle, we reviewed the letter Ss (ask your child to use his/her hands to slither like a snake), and read the books:
I Need A Valentine (Holiday Lift-The-Flap)          Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George
Miss D found an adorable new toy for the kids by Melissa and Doug - a wooden birthday cake set!  It has candles, a server and decorations for the cake.  This was a big hit, and one group of kids even sang "Happy Birthday" when they were at this center.  Too cute!
Other center's of the day included:
  • tracing wavy and boxy valentine lines
  • sandbox
  • playdough hearts
  • easel
 I wanted to also show you these heart pins that I made for the kids in the 3 & 4 year old class.  One little boy noticed that Miss D was wearing a crocheted heart pin, and asked why he didn't have one.  (Aww!)  I just couldn't resist, and had to craft some up for them to wear too!  These pins were inspired by a post from Make and Takes

For the pin above, I used a safety pin to attach it to my shirt, but for the children, I used paper clips.  I'm always worried that I'll accidentally stick them with a safety pin, and besides that, we didn't have enough to go around.  The paper clips worked out just fine!

 I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day/Evening, enjoying the ones that you love the most!


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