February 5, 2013

Qq is for Quiet Tracing

Maybe it's a bit of a stretch.  Qq was a hard one to come up with a sensory activity!
We maximized our use of the gingerbread (before we had to say goodbye to make room for the Feb. sensory), and created this center:
Qq is for Quiet Tracing (Shh!)
We had the kids trace Qq in the gingerbread several times.  They rock at stuff like this!
We went over the /q/ sound during Circle, and named off some Qq words.  Sometimes I even need helping thinking of some!  We came up with queen, quiet and quarter.  I know there are many others, but since Qq is not the most popular of letters, my mind wasn't flooded with choices.
We did touch on the fact that more often than not, Qq is partnered up with Uu.  This will make more sense to them, once they start reading and spelling.
Try playing I-Spy with the next book you read to your kiddo, and ask him/her to point out some Qq words.  Have fun spending some quality quiet time with your kid!


Jenn said...

Preschool is such a fun time. It is sad that my two babies are now in Kindergarten. Still fun...but growing too fast.

Another idea for "Q" in the future is Q-tip tracing ;) Don't know where that one came from. Ha. I just thought of it.

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