February 11, 2013

Easy Mardi Gras Masks

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras!  This holiday, also known as  Fat Tueday, marks the last day before Lent begins.  At my kids' school, they have a Mardi Gras parade, and the children all bring in handmade, decorated masks from home.  This is an easy peasy, frugal project that uses items from Dollar Tree and your own craft stash!
We started with:
  • Blank masks -  8 pk from Dollar Tree in gold, green & purple
  • Small, multi-colored pom poms
  • Glittery shamrocks - several in a pk from Dollar Tree
  • Shiny star stickers
  • Heart foamy stickers
  • Shamrock confetti - green & white
  • Star garland - purple
  • Glitter - green & silver
  • Elmer's glue (for the kids) & hot glue gun (for the grown-ups)

I just put everything on the table and let my kids decide what they wanted on their masks.  They added the stickers first, then we hot glued items like the shamrocks and feathers.  (Only grown-ups should operate the hot glue gun please!)  The last thing they did was to squirt on some Elmer's glue and sprinkle on the glitter!

And TA DA!  Here are the finished products:
I love that they all turned out so differently, even though I presented them with the exact same materials for crafting.  (Btw, the green one with minimal decorations was created by my 6th grader, who I'm pretty sure was only creating one to humor me.  Good kid!)
Have a blast decorating masks with your kiddos and check out the list below for more fun Mardi Gras activities.


Jenn said...

We love some Mardi Gras here in Louisiana :)

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