February 18, 2013

Our Class Valentine Party...

...was a smash!  The children loved playing different kinds of games (and didn't even realize they might be learning something!), and enjoyed a red-licious snack!
We read the book:
and the emergent reader Valentine, Valentine, What Do You See? which can be found over at Kindergarten Smorgasboard.  It is a gem!  Go over and check it out!
At the math center, the kids played a number match game with heart boxes...

...and compared weights of sweetheart candies.

At the round table, we had a valentine pom pom transfer game, where they picked up a pom with tweezers and transferred it to the lid (which was turned over.  I wanted  you to see the pretty side for the pic.).

Also at the round table, we had two more sweetheart activities: a graph and a color sort.
At the sensory table, we had large sweetheart candies that I asked the kids to stack.  I originally wanted them to see how high they could stack the hearts, but one little guy decided to make multiple stacks. I love how these kids are such creative thinkers!  They are at an age where thinking outside the box is normal, because they don't know any different.  I wish we, as adults, could do the same!
For snack, I didn't get any pictures, because we were sooooooooo busy.  We made fruit punch slushies with the blender (ice + Hawaiian Punch), which the kids ADORED.  Who knew?!  Two simple ingredients that you probably have at home can make you a superstar to your child!  (The children know that ONLY a grown-up is allowed to operate the blender.)  We also had heart-shaped cakes and chips.
One last thing - we also had a heart estimation jar at the math table.  The kids were supposed to guess how many hearts were in the jar without opening it up to count them.  They wrote their answer on a piece of paper, and at the end, I gave out a treasure box toy to the one that was closest.
How many do you think are in there?
We had two kids that guessed the closest amount - 12.  There were actually 30 glittery hearts in the jar!  We will do more activities like this using estimation.
I hope you all had a love-filled Valentine's Day!


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