February 23, 2013

Rr is for Red Hots and Raisins

Hey guys!  I was juuuuuuust about to post our letter Ss activity, when I realized that I never posted for letter Rr.  Ack!  So sorry!  I know you totally look forward to all of our letter postings, so without further ado, here it is:
Rr is for Red Hots and Raisins
I always have the kids trace the uppercase and lowercase Rr with their finger first.  This is not only so they can learn how it "feels", but also the correct way of its formation.  I see a lot of kids at this age forming letters from bottom to top, and sometimes even sideways.  If your kid is doing this, don't worry or panic!  It's completely normal.  They are simply getting the hang of using a writing utensil to make the letters.  Forming them correctly will come with time and practice.
After we trace, I ask the children to make the /r/ sound and to think of an Rr word.  Most of the time, they can give me a word pretty quickly, but if not, I simply ask, "Do you see anything on the table that might start with the /r/ sound?"
Next, they used raisins and red hots to "trace" the Rr.  I also slipped in some math, and had them to use an AB pattern with our Rr foods.  Math and literacy activity at the same time?  Score!
For more Rr activities, please visit the following websites:
And in case you were wondering - not one single kid wanted to try a Red Hot!  One child exclaimed, "Nooooo!  It will burn my mouth!!"  No worries, Little Guy.  No Red Hots for you!


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