January 13, 2013

Exploring Snow

Thank goodness we explored snow last week, because after our unseasonably warm weather, it's almost all gone!  The kiddos had lots of fun playing with the snow inside.  We read:
SnowThe Snowy Day: 50th Anniversary Edition
In writing, the kids played Winter Roll 'n Write (from PreKinders).  This was something out of the ordinary and brand new for us, but I think we'll definitely do it again!  The kids had dice with a different lowercase letter on each side.  They rolled the dice and wrote the letter that was facing up. You can see on the grid below that there is space for 16 letters, but I only asked the children to fill 8 boxes. As they get more experience with this activity, we will increase the number of boxes to fill.
In science/math, we played a snowflake matching game (also from PreKinders).  We had two different boards, each with 9 snowflakes.  The kids had to look very carefully, because some snowflakes looked very similar to others.  This was a challenging game for them, but still fun!
And the very BEST part of the day was playing with real snow...inside!  We had two individual tubs set up with shovels, assorted bottle tops, tongs and cups.  The children came to the center, put on a pair of mismatched mittens (because that's how we roll in our class!), and happily played in the snow!  We saw lots of shoveling, scooping, pouring and building.  Yep, we had snow-covered tables, and had to all but mop the floor at the end, but it was worth it for the kiddos to have such a great experience.  I love the magic that such a simple activity can bring!


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