January 5, 2013

Ll is for Licorice

When we studied the letter Ll, the children completed their activity with red licorice, and then got to sample a piece.  Yummy!
Unfortunately, I didn't think quickly enough to snap a picture of our Ll activity, so I'll just attempt to describe it as best I can. 
I gave the kids a sheet of paper with Ll written in bold, black marker.  They traced both uppercase and lowercase with their fingers, and made the /l/ sound.  I also asked them to show me the sign for Ll, which is one of the easier ones to form for little fingers.  Then they placed licorice pieces on the Ll and taped them down.  As a special treat, they each got a little taste of licorice!
We also talked about other words beginning with the /l/ sound:
love, lion, lip, leg, laugh, and many others.
Ll is very easy to practice writing, because only straight lines are used.  Have your kiddo write a few Ll's for you, and maybe even form an L with their whole body!  Have fun! 


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