January 21, 2013

Oo is for Orange

Last week, we wrapped up the letter Oo with an orange playdough center.  It was pretty cool to teach the kids how to first make long, skinny snakes, and then transform them into Oo's!
We also practiced saying the two /o/ sounds - short /o/, as in octopus, and long /o/, as in oval.  Your child now knows the sign for Oo, and should be able to name a few Oo words.  Vowels are tricky for preschoolers, but with lots of practice, they will get the hang of them!
During our Circle Time review of Oo, the children discovered that a special kind of singing, opera, begins with the /o/ sound.  Ask your kiddo to sing opera for you!  It was too cute watching and listening to the kiddos sing.  Some even broke out in opera during Centers!
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