January 24, 2013

MLK & Friendship Day

First of all, I have to show you what I saw when I walked into our classroom on Wednesday morning:
Two little Tiggers, out for a Sunday stroll!  One was dressed in glittery dress shoes, carrying a handbag, all the while pulling the other in the little red Radio Flyer wagon.  Isn't this the cutest thing?!
And then I turned around and just had to laugh!  Cowboy Tigger was waiting for me over by the library.
Guess who was just as mischevious as our Tiggers?  My dad!  Yes, he's the culprit in this awesome silliness.  Thanks for totally making my day, Daddy-o!
Now on to our lesson - Martin Luther King, Jr. and Friendship Day
We looked at pictures from these two books, and I summed up the information. 
Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Story of Martin Luther King, Jr.
I tried to keep it simple, because at this point, preschoolers don't really see differences in themselves.  Yes, they know boys are different from girls, and that some kids have brown hair and some have blonde.  But they don't see much of a difference beyond that.  We mainly focused on the fact that Dr. King wanted everyone to be treated the same, and hoped that all people could be friends and act in a peaceful way toward one another.
We made this beautiful friendship dove for our art project, like the one here.  Each child chose a different color of ink to stamp with their fingerprint.  Then, we glued the dove onto a poster, and each kiddo signed their name next to their fingerprint.  It is absolutely lovely!  Please take a moment to check it out - it can be found down the hall, close to the restrooms.
Other happenings in our classroom:
  • introduced the letter Pp; learned the sign for Pp
  • colored an AB pattern for math (Ex: blue, pink, blue, pink, blue, pink, etc)
  • talked about how to be a good friend (see poster outside our classroom)
As one of our boys says, "Peace out!"  See you tomorrow!


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