January 7, 2013

Happy {Pre-K} New Year!

The new year has officially begun in our pre-k class!
The children came back to school today with smiles, giggles, lots of stories, and more enthusiasm than I think I've ever seen!  We talked about their favorite Christmas gifts, and the fun things they did with their families while on break.  Sounds like these kiddos had an ahhh-mazing vacation!
Rather than try to explain "resolutions", we decided to talk about things we'd like to do in the new year.  We had lots of fun, cool and silly answers!  The one pictured here is one I'd like to try out as well - going to a nice, sunny, sandy, warm beach!
The kids dictated their answers to me, then sprinkled their choice of glitter on 2013.  Some chose one color of glitter, while others mixed it up a bit.  Check them out in our hallway!
Since this was our first day back after a two-and-a-half week break, I decided to go easy on the lesson plans.  We covered literacy, social studies, and art with our 2013 activity above.
For math, we counted back from 10 to 1, then shouted "Happy New Year!"  The children really loved this part of the day!  We will do more counting backwards, as well as counting by 5s and 10s.
Also, keep in mind that when I post a blog about our activities of the day, it's really just the highlights of what we accomplished.  There are many other things that go on in our classroom each day, such as:
  • calendar and Letter of the Week,
  • social, interactive and imaginitive play with peers and teachers,
  • using fine motor muscles for coloring, writing and playdough,
  • painting beautiful masterpieces at the easel, and
  • singing and dancing!
Oh yes, we have lots of fun in our class!  But at the same time, while your children are playing, laughing, and chit-chatting, they are also {shhh!} secretly learning!  They are becoming scientists, writers, thinkers, artists, musicians, decision-makers and problem-solvers.  Pretty amazing, right?!


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