January 19, 2013

White Dot Snowkids

Looking for something simple to keep the kiddos busy while you're making dinner?
Make some snowkids out of white dot stickers!
This is super easy, inexpensive, and a great quiet time activity for kids.  We used Avery 1" mailing seals, like these:
I got them in the office supply section at Wal-Mart, but I have seen them at Dollar Tree too.
Let your kid stack them up on a sheet of construction paper and add details with crayons or markers.  This is the creation my daughter made:
Her snowgirl has boots!  You can't see the top, but she also put the dots in a line and wrote her name.  She wrote one letter on each dot.
This is my son's winter day creation:
He added some cool facial features, but then decided he wanted his snowpeople to be robots, so he colored them gray!  Creativity at work!
This activity is a great storytelling tool as well.  Let your kid draw and create 'til their little heart is content, then ask him/her to tell you all about it.  What are the snowkids doing?  Where are they?  What is the weather like there?  The possibilities are endless!
Happy crafting with your kiddos!


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