January 19, 2013

Hot Chocolate Cafe

Yesterday, we had so much fun in the Hot Chocolate Cafe!
One of my favorite quotes of the day was when a little girl came in and said with great wonder, pointing to our housekeeping table, "What IS all that?!" It doesn't take much time for them to notice things that are different!
We set up the housekeeping table with cups of hot chocolate (brown tissue + cotton balls), a tray of cupcakes, kettle, plates and spoons.
For our math activity, we played a hot cocoa and marshmallow counting game.  The children played in pairs, and each took turns rolling a large die.  They picked up the same number of marshmallows (cotton balls) that they rolled on the die, and added them to their cup.  When their cups were full, we dumped them out and counted the total number of marshmallows.  Lots of counting going on with this game!
We read the books:
There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!A winter day
Other classroom activities included:
  • reviewing the letter Oo
  • building playdough snowmen and snowballs
  • making hot chocolate and marshmallows to take home to drink
  • playing at the sand table
  • painting and mixing with green, brown and white paint at the easel
  • singing the Hot Cocoa song (a copy came home in the cubbies)
It was definitely a hot chocolatey kind of day!


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