January 6, 2013

Mm is for Marshmallows

Our marshmallows were in cute little Christmas shapes, just in time for the holidays and our letter Mm study.
I gave the kids a cupful of pink and green marshmallows, which they used to line Mm.  They also traced Mm with their finger, said the /m/ sound, and gave me a word that begins with Mm.  They did a great job!  And of course, the kiddos got to have a few tasty marshmallows after completing their activity!
For extra practice at home or on the go, have your kiddo:
~point out pictures in books or magazines that begin with the /m/ sound
~form Mm using cooked spaghetti noodles or play dough
~march around the room to your kid's favorite tunes
~munch on healthy foods like mango or melon
Whatever you decide to do, have a marvelous time with your munchkin!


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