January 16, 2013

Snowballs Everywhere!

We had a fun, exciting class today! 
We started out by reading:
The Biggest Snowball Fight (Rhyme Time Readers)
Each time someone was hit with a snowball in this book, it went in their coat and down their pants.  So in order to get the snowball out, they had to do the cold snowball dance!  Can you guess what we did in our class?  You got it - the cold snowball dance!  The children had loads of fun wiggling, jiggling and giggling to get their pretend snowballs out!

During Centers, the kids were able to build their own playdough snowman.  On each tray, we included a large ball of white playdough, a hat (bottlecap), googly eyes, a scarf, buttons, carrot nose (orange pipe cleaner) and sticks for arms (brown pipe cleaners).  Some kids made flattened out, melty snowmen, like the one below, and others made 3D ones.  They mashed them down so quickly after making the 3D snowmen that I didn't have a chance to take a picture!

Our art project was to make a snowman stick magnet.  Aren't these super cute?!  One of my own kids made one a few years ago, and I've seen them on the web on several blogs.  I love the faces, and the range of emotion that's shown, just by drawing different kinds of mouths - some are happy, sad, so/so, and one even looks surprised!  These will come home on Friday.  :)
Our end-of-day story was:
Snowball Soup (Little Critter, My First I Can Read)
What do you feed a snowman?  Snowball soup, of course!
Our other activities of the day included:
  • reviewed the letter Oo, signing and sounding it out, naming words that begin with Oo
  • practiced writing the uppercase alphabet
  • used fine motor muscles to dot a colorful snowball
  • indoor SNOWBALL FIGHT!  This was a lot of fun!  We used wadded up paper, and the kids had fun throwing snowballs at each other.  They even bombarded me and Miss D!
Ask your kiddo what he/she liked best about today.  Maybe you can even get them to do the wiggly, jiggly COLD SNOWBALL DANCE! 


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