October 9, 2012

Aa is for Applesauce

I know this is a little late...well, a lot late.  Several weeks actually!  Better late than never, right?
Each week, we will introduce a new letter, beginning with Aa and ending with Zz.  Your kiddo will get a Letter of the Week writing practice worksheet to complete at home for "homework".  Since preschoolers are still developing their fine motor muscles (used for holding writing utensils), it's sometimes easier for them to write with something thicker - like a chunky pencil or marker.  Give it a try!
For each letter, we try to do some sort of sensory activity.  Letter Aa was fun and tasty!  The children practiced forming Aa in applesauce!  They loved how it felt squishy and cold.  As part of this activity, they also sounded out Aa - short and long sounds, showed me the sign for Aa (American Sign Language), and then they got to eat some applesauce!
Over the next few days, I will attempt to get you all caught up on our letter learning fun.  Hang in there with me!  :)


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