October 19, 2012

Ff is for Frankenstein

 This week, our pre-k kiddos studied the letter Ff.  And since it's October and Halloween is right around the corner, we decided to tie in Frankenstein!
I found this cute cereal box Frankenstein idea on Pinterest, but made mine look a little friendlier, and left the top open.  The kid-version of Frankenstein, so to speak.  :)
After brainstorming for what seemed like forever, I came up with a fun game for the kids to play, reinforcing not only Ff, but reviewing the other letters we've learned so far (Aa-Ee).
Fishies for Frankenstein!

We already had a fishing game, so I just placed post-it letters on each fish.  I put the fish in a bucket, and the kids had to use their fishing pole to catch a fish.  Once they caught one, they had to say the letter, and if it was F or f, they got to feed our friendly Frankenstein!  If they caught a different letter (not Ff), they still had to say the letter name, then place it on the table.  Frankenstein only likes fishies with the letter Ff!
We also practiced Ff in sign language, sounded out Ff, traced it with our fingers, and practiced skywriting Ff.  Ask your kiddo to tell you all about our Fishies for Frankenstein game!


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