October 12, 2012

Ee is for Easter Eggs

Ee is for Easter eggs!
I made up a simple game for the children to end our week of letter Ee.  I placed a strip of paper inside 12 eggs. Some had an uppercase E, some had a lowercase e, and others had random upper or lowercase letters that we've already studied.
The kiddos worked in pairs, opening each egg, and deciding if the letter on the paper was E, e, or some other letter.  They really enjoyed this activity!  I think breaking apart the eggs was probably their favorite part.  :)
We then made the sign for Ee, sounded out short /e/, long /e/, and tried to give a word beginning with Ee.  Most kids said elephant or eggs.  Don't forget eels and erasers!  Earlier in the week, we practiced skywriting Ee as well.
Next week's letter is Ff...maybe for Frankenstein!


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