October 5, 2012

October Sensory Tables

October is here, and that means pumpkins and colorful fall leaves!  We have changed our sensory tables in the block room, and the children are having a great time exploring the new textures. 
In the red table, we've added dry oatmeal, mini plastic pumpkins and silk fall leaves.  I've noticed several kids just running their hands through the oats.  (Sorry for the sideways picture - I rotated and saved it about a thousand times, and it still uploads sideways!)
In the corn table, we still have...well, corn!  The kids just can't seem to get enough of it - it's almost as popular as the sand table.  We've added pom pom "pumpkins", as well as a few new scoops, and a fall striped bucket.
Have you tried sensory tubs at home?  They are so much fun!  You don't have to spend much, if any, money to create one, and most items can be found around your house.  Try shaving cream, oatmeal, beans, applesauce, or even water.  Add in some spoons, scoops, cups and bowls, and you're set!  Children get good practice scooping, dumping, pouring, and mixing with sensory tubs.
Try it out - it's easy, fun, and your child will love it!  (Special bonus: you'll even have fun putting it together and watching your child enjoy it too!)


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