October 11, 2012

Cc is for Carrots and Cream

If there's one sensory activity that kids cannot get enough of, it's definitely shaving cream.  Enter our letter Cc activity - carrots and (shaving) cream!
The kids formed lots of Cc's in the cream with the use of a plastic carrot as their writing utensil.  They made the two Cc sounds - soft /c/ (like cereal) and hard /c/ (like cocoa).
Then came the fun part - "erasing" and running their little fingers all through the cream!  They squished, smoothed, drew and even ran Matchbox cars in the cream.  It was a delightful experience for the kiddos, and I think the teachers enjoyed watching their excitement just as much!  We even had a few who ended up with shaving cream in their hair and on their clothes.  They definitely had a blast!
Next up...letter Dd!


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