October 18, 2012

Falling for Leaves

This is the view of our school backyard.  Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?  I love the beauty that fall brings - the colorful leaves, the harvest of fall fruits and vegetables, and the crisp autumn air.  It's my favorite time of year!
Since it was a short week, we packed in a lot of fall leaf fun in just two days. We read the books I Am a Leaf and Ruby's Falling Leaves.  We learned that leaves help make food for trees and that there are many different kinds of trees and leaves.  We went outside into our beautiful backyard, and each kiddo collected a bag of colorful leaves.  They paid special attention to the color of the leaves, and they noticed that leaves come in different shapes and sizes.
I Am A Leaf (level 1) (Hello Reader, Science)Ruby's Falling Leaves (Max and Ruby)
Again this week, we had the spider web shape sorting activity out, since only a few kids got to do it last week.  They are doing great sorting and using the tongs to pick up the small objects from the basket!
In writing, we practiced tracing straight and zig-zag lines, which will help with letter formation.
For math, we played a scarecrow roll & cover game.  (Roll the die and cover the number.)  This game reinforces numbers 1-9, and is a fun learning tool to practice number recognition. 
We made hand/arm print fall trees with ink fingerprint leaves that turned out simply beautiful!  There is an adorably sweet poem attached, so that your child's tree can be a keepsake.
Have a wonderful Fall Break!


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