October 6, 2012

Fire Safety

On Wednesay, we had a lesson on fire safety.  We read the books Fireman Small and Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms.  We talked about what to do if your clothes ever catch on fire - stop, drop and roll.  We will review this again next week, and each child will have the opportunity to earn a certificate after demonstrating how to stop, drop and roll.
Our art project was a firetruck shapes craft.  We used a large red rectangle, long white rectangle, red square and black circles to form a firetruck.  Each kiddo got to pick which number he/she wanted to put on the firetruck.  We often hear the firetruck from the station down the street, and they know that one is engine #12!

For math, we worked in small groups of 2 or 3 to put together this cute fireman strip puzzle.  Each strip has a number at the top, and the kids had to work together to put the numbers back in order, from 1-10.  This was a challenging activity, but once they finished, they were so proud!
In writing, we practiced tracing our names over highlighter.  This is a good activity to practice at home as well, and seems to work better than using dots or dashes.  If your child is having trouble gripping a pencil correctly, try using a chunky pencil or marker, and make sure they are resting their hand on the paper.  This gives them much more control, and they are able to form lines and curves easier. 
As always, thank you for everything you do, and for taking the time to work with your kiddo at home!  :)


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