October 10, 2012

Bb is for Blue

Bb is for blue...blue paint, that is!
Our letter Bb sensory activity was forming Bb on a ziploc baggie filled with blue paint.  They used either their finger or a q-tip to write Bb, and then sounded it out.  Some kids commented about how squishy the baggie felt.  Afterwards, they got to make their own designs on the baggie.  :)
When we're covering the letter of the week, I always ask the kids if they can think of something that begins with that specific letter.  Sometimes it's easy (like with Bb), and other times it's hard (like with Ee or Ii).  You can help!  Talk with your kiddo about the letter of the week, its sound(s), and name a few things that have the letter's beginning sound.  Example: B is for bear, balloon, and bubble!
Coming up next...Cc!


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