October 8, 2012

Owls ~ Hoot! Hoot!

Monday's class was all about owls.  We read the books Owl Babies and Good-night, Owl!.
Owl Babies
We learned that owls are nocturnal animals, so they are awake at night, when we're sleeping.  We also discovered that owls are birds, and they hunt for mice, rats, and other small rodents to eat.
The kiddos made these cute owl projects, based on an idea from Inner Child Fun.  If you haven't checked out this website, head on over there right now!  She's got tons of amazing, easy-on-the-wallet projects to do with your kid.  This site is an awesome resource for parents and teachers! 
Because the kiddos always ask if they can take their art projects home the same day they're created, I made some modifications - we used marker instead of paint (eliminating drying time), and we used feathers instead of fabric for the wings. I think they turned out quite cute, and the children were very proud of them!
We also learned a new song about owls.  Some of you were even lucky enough to see it performed live at pick-up!  It's super simple, but one that will help the kids remember that owls are awake at night.
It Is Nighttime
(to the tune of "Goodnight Ladies")
It is nighttime (arms out, like you're flying)
It is nighttime
It is nighttime
When owls fly around
It is daytime (hands together next to face, like you're sleeping)
It is daytime
It is daytime
When owls are asleep
Ask your kiddo to sing it for you, as well as to give you some owl facts.  :)
See you on Wednesday! :)


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