October 6, 2012

Shake It Up Paintings and Spooky Science!

 Look at these gorgeous paintings the kids created on Monday!
They were created using a cylindrical container, paper, marbles and 2 colors of paint. After all that was placed in the container, the kiddos shook it up! I let them shake it for as long as they wanted. Some were finished in just a few seconds, and the others shook for a few minutes. They all turned out great!

On Friday, we did sort of Spooky Science experiements.  Ok, so they weren't so spooky, but they did still get lots of ooohs and ahhs, which is always the goal!
Our first experiment was the homemade lava lamp.  We added vegetable oil to an empty bottle, followed by red-tinted water.  We watched how the water seperated from the oil, and ended up in the bottom of the bottle.  Then came the fun part - each child got to drop a piece of an Alka Selzer tablet into the bottle.  We put the cap back on, and watched the magic happen!
This picture doesn't do the experiment justice.  It's a pretty amazing experiment! 

Our second experiment used a carved jack-o-lantern, vinegar, baking soda and green food coloring.  It started out looking like this....
and ended up like this!

The kiddos asked us to do this experiement over and over!  We heard lots of squeals, screams, and even one child, who exclaimed, "This is awesome!"  I love hearing that!  The children called it the burping/spitting up pumpkin.  We'll go with that!  They decided he must be spitting up from a tummy ache.  Maybe too much candy!
Also on Friday (but not nearly as exciting), we did our letter Dd activity (posts coming soon on our letter activities), and read the books It's Fall and Fall Changes.
See you on Monday for another exciting week of pre-k!


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