October 4, 2012

Color Clip Match

As part of our color review, I made this color clip match game for the kids.  This not only reinforces color recognition, but also works those fine motor muscles in their hands.
I found a cute crayon gift box in the dollar section at Target (Don't you love that part of the store?!), and cut it apart.  Then I punched holes down the side, and attached the little punched-out circles to mini clothespins.

I gave the matching board to students individually, mixed up the mini clothespins, and called out a color one at a time.  The kiddos picked up the correct pin, then attached it to the corresponding color on the board.  
If your child needs extra practice with colors, there are many different activities you can do!  Check out the list below.
  • Focus on 1 color at a time, or focus on the color that your child needs help identifying. 
  • Ask your child to name his/her favorite color, then have him/her find 3-5 objects of that color around the house.
  • Color with your child, because one of the best ways they learn is by example.  Say "I'm going to color the flower purple."  Then point out a purple crayon or marker. Have your child say which color he/she is going to use, and then have him/her point it out for you.
  • Check out some online color games at Gamequarium Junior, PBS Kids, and Disney Junior.
  • Take a trip to Lowe's, Home Depot or Wal-Mart, and grab a few paint chip samples. They're free, and you can easily make matching games with them. Have fun!


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