October 13, 2012

Bats Fly at Night

On Wednesday, our theme was bats.  We read the books Bats at the Library and  Bats (a Scholastic Science Reader), and talked about many bat facts.  The children made the connection that bats are awake at night and asleep during the day, just like owls.  These kiddos are thinkers!
Bats at the Library
We also learned that most bats eat bugs or fruit, and that vampire bats bite cows and birds...not people!  Bats sleep upside down and use echoes to find their way around.
We had a bat play table with lots of toy bats, and we made bats to hang up on our curtains.  Take a peek in our classroom, and check them out!

The pre-k'ers also learned the song "Five Little Bats", and used geoblocks to form bats on a mat.

In math, we used a 10 frame to practice counting 1-10, and then we placed the corresponding number of dots in each box.
It was a batty good day!


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